About us

In the Domaine D'en Segur is located in the Tarn in the heart of the land of plenty. Part of his vineyard, The Cauquillous, planted along the ancient "Via Tolosana" the other party along the river Agout.

The history of the area in Segur back to the time of St Jacques de Compostela Pilgrims who were step in the Tarn.

The vineyards

At Domaine d'En Segur we are convinced that there is no good wine without beautiful vineyards. The plots are on the terraces of the Agout, more than 40 meters above the river. The soil is composed of several layers of alluvial deposits of sand and clay with the surface of the pebbles.

The difference is in the vineyards, always with the aim of increasing the quality of our wines much work is done manually:

In the spring of each foot is disbud, only stay on the branches as the beautiful buds.

Then it is stripping at the level of clusters, sunrise side leaves are removed, and the clusters are well ventilated and can mature quietly, without being burned by the hot sun in the afternoon.

Finally it is the stage of green harvesting, on each foot the grapes are sorted, one that will not ripen well are eliminated ...

The plots are cultivated differently depending on the wine they will give. For the Cuvée Germain, high red barrels, 35-40Hl / ha yields very low, in order to concentrate the quality of each grape variety and to express the full potential of our region.

The attention we pay to the vineyards is reflected in our wines.